Iboga Root Bark Powder

Iboga Root Bark Powder

Powdered iboga root bark refers to the ground or finely crushed form of the root bark of the Tabernanthe iboga plant. The root bark of iboga contains various alkaloids, including ibogaine.

To create powdered iboga root bark, the bark is typically harvested, dried, and then ground into a fine powder.

Benefits of Iboga

Addiction Circuit-Breaker:

  • Can reverse substance addiction: including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, methodone, nicotine, opioid and alcohol addiction
  • Halts toxic behavioural patterns and negative thoughts can return brain to ‘normal’ (pre-addicted) condition resets the addicted brain
  • Total brain detox from symptoms of addiction
  • Eliminates addiction withdrawal symptoms
  • Repairs and regenerates neurons damaged by addiction
  • Can positively alter perceptions, mood, consciousness and behavioural patterns
  • One Ibogaine treatment = ten years of therapy
  • Induces immediate deep introspection
  • Induces ‘life review’ allowing recall of key psychological life events which may hold clues to present and persistent issues, including the root cause of addiction
  • Opens doorway to subconscious mind
  • Deep but detached self-analysis – recollection of painful memories in detached unemotional manner, allowing them to be recognised, understood, accepted, assimilated and healed
  • Allows access to the deep recesses of the mind for psychological insight into difficulties and traumas
  • Can reduce and even completely eliminate anxiety and depression   
  • Induces deep emotional encounter with one’s own heart
  • Leads to greater connection with oneself and the world
  • Healing of disconnection, isolation and loneliness – when one is fully integrated, and when one has one’s own soul, loneliness is not possible
  • Heals a psyche fragmented by trauma
  • Induces a sense or enhanced brain capacity and mental clarity
  • Delivers a mental deep-clean
  • Feeling of being reborn
  • Soul retrieval : reconnects a soul which has been driven away by trauma
  • Forces one to face oneself and connect with one’s true self
  • Heightened neuroplasticity : unlocks levels of consciousness beyond the reach of traditional therapies
  • Yields insights to the origins of deep psychological and emotional pain
  • Increases spiritual awareness and development
  • Visionary experiences
  • Auditory experiences – hearing different frequencies from separate planes of existence
  • Communion with deceased ancestors and the spirit world
  • Sense of everything merging into one – a feeling of oneness with the Universe, with God, with all that is
  • Meetings with supernatural entities
  • Communication with the wisdom of a Higher Power
  • Access to celestial and ancient wisdom
  • Jaw-dropping epiphanies
  • Reminder that deep knowledge is buried deep within
  • Recall of true infinite nature
  • Meeting with the Higher Self, or with God, the Source, the Universe, with the Spirit of Iboga
  • Foundation for profound and infinite transformation
  • Fear of physical death banished
  • Certainty that the soul survives death
  • Visions of breath-taking clarity
  • Transcendental experience
  • Awareness that time is an illusion and of the Great Eternal Now
  • Unlocks the data within one’s DNA
  • Inter-dimensional journeying
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