Mental Health Benefits of Iboga

Iboga is a powerful psychoactive substance which induces intense introspection and an entire review of one’s life, of one’s entire personal history, in a heartbeat. This offers insights into the origins of deep-rooted emotional and psychological issues, such as the trauma underlying addiction. This insight often reveals the path to resolving these issues. It also alters mood, perception and consciousness which can ultimately reverse unhelpful behavioural patterns. It is no wonder that one Iboga treatment is said to be more powerful than ten years of therapy. Iboga opens the doorway to the deepest recesses of the psyche, and cracks open the heart, allowing a dialogue with one’s own soul and depths of consciousness beyond the reach of conventional western medicine.

During therapy, meeting the subconscious mind, let alone exploring it, can be painful, challenging and time-consuming. With Iboga, however, an encounter with the subconscious is an immediate and inexorable feature of the experience. The reconnection with one’s own soul during the introspective phase is known as “soul retrieval” and is a process by which one can reconnect a psyche fragmented by trauma.

During trauma, one’s soul flees the physical body; during an Iboga treatment, one can reclaim it. Since trauma, or PTSD, is often accompanied by anxiety and depression, these mental health conditions can be diminished, or healed altogether during this treatment. With Iboga, one can feel a deep connectedness to oneself which in turn leads to a feeling of deep connection to the entire world. This can banish feelings of disconnection and loneliness. This oneness – the practice and art of intimate union with all that is – is the purpose of meditation and many spiritual disciplines. It takes many years to accomplish through these methods. With Iboga, it is experienced immediately.

Iboga promotes a state of neuroplasticity where the neural pathways in the brain can be reorganised or rewired. Sometimes described as a total neurological defragmentation, patients often witness the contents of their minds being consolidated, or broken down and re-catalogued more efficiently. Sometimes there is a sense of ‘faulty’ brain wiring being undone and then fused back together ‘correctly’. Afterwards, there is a sense of greater clarity and enhanced brain capacity. In this neurological reset, one feels completely reborn.

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