We Are At The Dawn of A Psychedelic Revolution

Typically dismissed as an illicit subculture vice, psychedelics are now gaining recognition by mainstream medicine. Ibogaine, the African plant medicine known as the “Everest of psychedelics” is a radical breakthrough in the treatment of addiction and other mental health issues.

Ibogaine can reverse addiction and return the brain to its ‘normal’ (pre-addicted) condition. It is effective in the treatment of all substance-based dependencies,  including cocaine, heroin, methadone, methamphetamine, nicotine, alcohol and opioids (painkillers), as well as susceptibility to unhelpful addictive behavioural patterns.

As a powerful circuit breaker, Ibogaine interrupts the effects of addiction in an immediate and emphatic reset.

The addicted brain is effectively given a reboot. Substance receptors are renewed circumventing painful withdrawal symptoms completely, enabling a total physical detox. The suspension of the addiction cycle allows time for healing of the psychological root causes of the addiction which are revealed during the introspection phase of the Ibogaine treatment.

Ibogaine has also been reported to increase levels of a growth factor call GDNF (glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor) which repairs and regenerates neurons damaged by addiction.

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