Terms and Conditions for Shipping Iboga to Countries Where It Might Be Illegal:

1. By placing an order for Iboga products on our website, you acknowledge that it is your responsibility to ensure that the import and use of Iboga are legal in your country.

2. We cannot guarantee the successful importation of Iboga products into countries where it may be prohibited or restricted by law. It is your responsibility to research and understand the laws and regulations regarding Iboga in your country before placing an order.

3. We adhere to all applicable local and international laws and regulations. However, we cannot be held responsible for any products that are rejected, confiscated, or seized by customs authorities in your country.

4. If your Iboga order is rejected by customs or any other relevant authorities, we will not issue any refunds or replacements. It is important to understand and accept this risk before placing an order.

5. We strongly advise you to consult with local authorities or legal professionals to ensure that the importation and use of Iboga are allowed in your country. We cannot provide legal advice or assistance regarding the legality of Iboga in specific countries.

6. If you choose to proceed with the order despite the potential legal restrictions, you agree to assume full responsibility for any consequences that may arise from the importation and use of Iboga in your country.

7. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel any order if we have reason to believe it violates the laws or regulations of the destination country.

8. It is your responsibility to provide accurate shipping information, including the correct delivery address. We will not be held responsible for any delays or losses resulting from incorrect or insufficient address information provided by you.

9. Any additional charges, such as customs duties, taxes, or fees imposed by the destination country, are your responsibility. These charges are not included in the product price or shipping fees.

10. We reserve the right to modify, update, or amend these shipping terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

By proceeding with your order, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions for shipping Iboga to countries where it might be illegal.

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